How to survive a breakup with a loved one without depression(2)

Should I immediately look for a new girl?There is no single answer to this question. Look for a new girl specifically in order to quickly forget the ex – no, not worth it. Being open to new contacts and acquaintances…

By Cindy
October 20, 2019

Was it love exactly?

I often encounter situations when a girl leaves a guy, and he begins to wonder why this happened. The conclusion in most cases is the same – she did not love me. In fact, such an opinion is erroneous. Yes,…

By Cindy
October 16, 2019

What to write to a girl so that she answer

I know that you are waiting for tips from the category of “how to meet a girl right now, without leaving home.” But the weather is still good on the street to arrange dates, and it is really possible to…

By Cindy
October 15, 2019

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