Fights by the rules: what should not be allowed during a quarrel?

Having a solid experience of scandals and observing quarreling couples, I have to say the following: any, even the most desperate removal of the brain must be carried out within certain boundaries, which must never be crossed (which is regularly…

By Cindy
January 25, 2020

7 skills that will make your life easier with a girl

Discuss financial issues It is not poisonous to hiss, why the hell is she another yellow shoes, and not be silent, like a hero, when you have $ 5 in your pocket, and give the girl champagne and oysters, and…

By Cindy
January 24, 2020

How not to be caught on treason?

I propose to skip the stage of nudezh that, they say, change is bad, vile and ugly. Because it will not change the essence of the issue. People — some, not all — are changing. And, in my opinion, the…

By Cindy
January 20, 2020

6 signs that you made a mistake in choosing a mistress(2)

She insists you stay for the night There is a mass of everything that is supposed to be mistresses (while wives sometimes do without it for years): sex marathons, spontaneous meetings, armfuls of flowers and other romantic quilts by the…

By Cindy
January 18, 2020

6 signs that you made a mistake in choosing a mistress

The question of my reader inspired me to write this post. In short, the comrade is safely married, does not intend to leave his wife, but “for the soul” he has acquired a mistress, who, however, has been more upsetting…

By Cindy
January 17, 2020