5 ways to behave chivalrously

I took some rules for treating the woman of the ideology of chivalry Andrew Capellan and adapted them to the present.For lack of such codes in our history, I took some advice from Andrew and adapted them to the present….

By Cindy
December 11, 2019

13 myths about women

Do you think you know women as well as you knew the multiplication table in fifth grade? How many shocking discoveries await you in this article revealing male self-confidence! Myth 1: Women like children.Oddly enough, women are much weaker than…

By Cindy
December 10, 2019

How to make a girl cook

Often, even the most female woman refuses to wash the floors, clean your socks and even fry your eggs. If it is difficult to do something with the floors and socks, then you can awaken the desire to cook in…

By Cindy
December 9, 2019