What to write to a girl so that she answer

I know that you are waiting for tips from the category of “how to meet a girl right now, without leaving home.” But the weather is still good on the street to arrange dates, and it is really possible to…

By Cindy
October 15, 2019

Never do that! Stories of real girls about the worst dates in their lives

Girls tell terrible stories about first (and often last) dates. Life is far from perfect, and often the date does not go as you intended. Although, it would seem, you even put on smart sneakers! But if even 50 years…

By Cindy
October 12, 2019

Kissing bad? Then I have sad news for you

Scientists deal another crushing blow to our personal lives! In our eternal and ephemeral desire to make sex better, brighter and longer, we completely forgot about such an important component of courtship, like kisses. Meanwhile, a terrible thing emerged: kisses…

By Cindy
October 11, 2019

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