10 signs that the first date failed

How do women let you know that they are not interesting to you? She was not nervous Not to be confused with carefully concealed excitement, which is still noticeable. The first date, whatever one may say, is stress for both…

By Cindy
January 26, 2020

Fights by the rules: what should not be allowed during a quarrel?

Having a solid experience of scandals and observing quarreling couples, I have to say the following: any, even the most desperate removal of the brain must be carried out within certain boundaries, which must never be crossed (which is regularly…

By Cindy
January 25, 2020

7 skills that will make your life easier with a girl

Discuss financial issues It is not poisonous to hiss, why the hell is she another yellow shoes, and not be silent, like a hero, when you have $ 5 in your pocket, and give the girl champagne and oysters, and…

By Cindy
January 24, 2020

Online chat: how to understand that she is interested?

7 encouraging signs! She’s clearly picking the words Your question “How are you?” Can be answered with a neutral “Everything is OK”, or you can compose something more ornate, verbose and intriguing (“In general, everything is fine, but life never…

By Cindy
January 23, 2020

6 questions women don’t want to get honest answers to

Often women insistently ask you about something, but, oddly enough, least of all they want to hear the truth in response. Typically, such conversations begin with the confidential “Tell me honestly …”, which usually disorientates men and makes them lose…

By Cindy
January 22, 2020