Let’s be afraid together: 6 main female fears

Unlike men, women have every right to be cowardly. And this is how they dispose of this right.Once in sarcastic conversations about female logic, you completely forgot about such an important layer of female consciousness as fears. But in vain,…

By Cindy
November 19, 2019

12 things that touch women and make them fall in love

Of course, we are somewhat bifurcated. On the one hand, we sigh delightedly when we see something powerful, huge, shaved, brutal, heavily armed, and so that the voice is like the roar of a sledgehammer in iron, and so that…

By Cindy
November 18, 2019

Tips from the contrary. 10 completely dishonorable ways to seduce(Part 2)

Image of feelings Sounding passionately in love is much easier than being truly in love. At least, at this moment, your knees do not bend and your voice does not break. (Actors of the Japanese Kabuki theater knew this principle…

By Cindy
November 17, 2019