Top 10 films to help you better understand the woman

These films can greatly contribute to getting an idea of ​​the subject – women in general and the peculiarities of organizing their inner world in particular (and at the same time they are suitable for watching in pairs if the…

By Cindy
February 21, 2020

5 best ways to get to know women

Make an exception for her Well, or pretend that you made an exception. I have repeatedly mentioned that girls like to feel special. Yes, it’s so inappropriately good and attractive that you are ready to break any of the hundreds…

By Cindy
February 20, 2020

6 effective ways to annoy an ex-girlfriend

Yes, we are all humanists, altruists, noble, generous, ungodly and just good people. Usually. But for this, rules are needed to make exceptions from them from time to time. And sometimes the exes become such an exception – former girls,…

By Cindy
February 19, 2020

How to become monogamous

There are two main subjects in culture: someone cheated on someone and someone did not cheat on someone, but hesitated. That is, a person by nature is not monogamous, even when he wants to be so. However, there are techniques…

By Cindy
February 18, 2020

12 female reasons to tell you: “Let’s stay friends”

“You, my friend, missed that blessed moment when you had not to talk, but to kiss. And now everything, the train has left. I already don’t want anything from you. ” “You are too soft and delicate. But I’m a…

By Cindy
February 17, 2020